How to Use Coconut For Smoothie

Smoothie is a great way to include fruits and vegetable in your diet. You can live healthily and also boost your immunity power by drinking great smoothies. Recipes can be very helpful in this context and you can use them to make your recipes delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our body needs both vegetables and fruits to stay fit and function properly.

However, it is very hard to make it possible to maintain a regular diet in which you can include all these things. In the daily routine, you can add a smoothie to your diet and stay fit. The best part is that you can prepare it on your own with a smoothie blending machine. There is no doubt that various types of fruits and vegetables can be used in the smoothies to make it great. But here, we are going to tell about the coconut smoothie recipe which has immense benefits.

Great recipe for coconut smoothie

–    One cup coconut water

–    Half cup coconut milk

–    Half cup chopped kale

–    One stalk celery

–    One pear, cored but not peeled

–    One tablespoon fresh parsley, about 2 springs

–    One avocado

–    Honey as per taste

Process of blending

Before you start the process of making this coconut smoothie, make sure that all the ingredients are fresh enough and gather them in one place. Put the coconut water in the smoothie maker and a half cup of coconut milk blend them well in your smoothie maker. Now put the rest of the ingredients and blend until everything gets smooth.

Things to remember

Smoothie must be served fresh because they cannot be stored for longer period of time. In case you want to store them make sure that you are putting them in an airtight jar. Drink smoothie fresh to have perfect taste and all the nutrients.