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Aspects to Consider When Looking For a Banquet Hall

What to Check When Booking a Banquet Hall

Finding that right banquet hall is often a difficult task and you need to have the right information to be sure that you have selected the right hall. Our main focus here will be on examining important aspects which will guide you in selecting the most appropriate option.

Banquet Halls and Things to Check

Aspect #1: Number of Guests

banquet halls WindsorRight at the onset when you start looking for banquet halls in Windsor,  it will be important for you to be aware of the fact that many of the banquet halls set minimum guest criterion. This means that if you are interested in booking a particular banquet hall then you will have to make payment for a minimum guest figure that banquet hall has set.
You need to avoid such banquet halls in Windsor if guest count you have set in mind is less than the minimum number banquet halls have set as otherwise you will have to make unnecessary extra payment.

Off-Peak Season

In case, you are planning to book a banquet hall during the off-peak season then it will be important to inquire whether the banquet hall offers special rates for off-peak season. If the banquet hall does provide such special rates then you will be able to make a considerable saving in terms of expenditure on booking the banquet hall.

Additional Extras

Will banquet hall agree to offer special extras such as slide shows, candles, special lighting, printed menus, etc.? If they do, then it will help you in reducing your expenditure on booking the banquet hall. However, you need to have clear information on whether the cost for these have already been added to the final price or you need to pay them separately.

Alcohol Use

There are different ways in which cost for alcohol use is calculated by banquet halls in Windsor. For instance, the cost can be calculated as per the total number of guests who will be taking part in the event or it could as per the total amount of alcohol that gets consumed at the time of the event. Moreover, you need to inquire if the venue allows people to bring their own alcohol as this will help in reducing your expenditure even after you pay the corkage fees. Few of the things to inquire about are:
  • Will the venue provide bartenders?
  • Is an open bar allowed or must it be a cash bar?

Banquet Hall Booking Cancellation

It can happen that you change your mind and want to host the event at some other banquet hall. You will want to know what will happen in this situation and the cancellation policy for the banquet hall. 
These are few of the questions you will have to find an answer for so as to avoid surprises later on.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are many different things to be examined to find the right banquet hall. By analyzing all the details you will be able to find the right banquet hall and make the event successful.