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Training to Operate Work Platforms

If you're thinking of operating a work platform anytime soon then the first thing that you need is training. Loads of it since you or someone is going to be very high up there getting the work done.


First things first, you need a company that’s qualified to train you. Look up your company on the official website of the "Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia" and only consider hiring them if their name is there. A company that isn't recognized is no good in this day and age where there are several offering you recognized programs.

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Choose your course

You don't need to take a course for an unpowered EWP if you're going to be driving a mobile operated work platform. Take a moment to see what kind of work you're going to be doing then choose your course based on that decision. Unnecessary training is a waste of time, energy and money since it's going to cost you more. Mobile elevated working platform training is more expensive than your normal course.


Make sure your trainer is a professional who has a CERT IV qualification in handling the equipment. Since it is a very physical type of training brace yourself for some muscle work and perhaps a harsh word or two. Given the gravity of your work a little strictness by the trainer is nothing out of the ordinary.

If you're looking to start training somewhere for operating EWP's we urge you to take these things into serious consideration.