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YC-2000 series of automatic horn capacitance testing machine
    Publish time 2019-07-23 15:16    

一, the equipment profile

YC-2000 series automatic horn capacitance testing machine, is a completely free from the traditional manual plug-in way of automatic feeding test equipment; by reducing the operator's work intensity, easy to achieve one person control multiple sets of test equipment, effectively reducing the cost of production costs. Equipment using industrial control system and data acquisition and improve the control of the robot to improve the reliability of product production parameters and to avoid the product in the test process, touch, squeeze the product caused by the appearance of damage defects; equipped with CCD visual recognition System, a machine can produce two feet, three feet, four feet and T-type products, improve the equipment production compatible function.

 1, the device weighs about 800KG;
2, the device size: 3500 (L) × 3000 (W) × 1800 (H) mm;
3, the total power of about 6KW equipment, the normal production of the average operating power ≤ 1.5KW;

, the scope of adaptation:

Equipment model

Product shell number

Aluminum height

Production voltage









Note: When producing special shell size or foot type, provide specific data and samples when ordering equipment.

Instrumentation indicators
1, the capacity test range: 0.01uF-19.9mF range of test accuracy of ± 1.0%;
2, the loss angle: 0.001-0.999, the test accuracy of ± 1.0%;
3, the capacity test frequency: 120Hz, 1KHz can be set alone;
4, leakage current test range: 0.005μA-9999μA, test accuracy of ± 1.0%, two separate separate charge test charge;
5, ESR test range (this feature is optional): 0.01MΩ-999KΩ, can be arbitrarily set in the range, the test accuracy of ± 1.0%, test frequency: 1K, 10K, 20K, 100K can be set alone.

三, the working principle:

1, the detection system: the product assembled to the unity of the station detection point, in a specific pause time to intercept the test data, so that the test data more accurate and stable;
2, leakage test: the product in the production of two charge and discharge leakage current detection system, the system uses "one vote veto system", only meet the two test set the standard,

   Can be judged as good, improve the accuracy of this parameter test;
3, the pressure test (optional): the product of the pressure performance testing;
4, good product classification: a test product can achieve capacity third gear sorting function to meet the different needs of customers on the market;
5, the polarity of detection: the use of CCD visual inspection system, effectively prevent the product due to casing sets but bad product damage situation;
6, the test results: good product 1, good product 2, good 3, poor capacity, high loss, large leakage, high impedance and re-seized goods;

, the use of environmental conditions:
1, using two-phase three-wire AC220V ± 5% 50Hz-60 Hz / 8KVA power supply;
2, the use of ambient temperature: room temperature;
3, the characteristics of the guarantee range: 23 ± 5 ℃, 45 ~ 75% RH;
4, need to use ≥ 0.35MPa compressed air supply.

※ Our equipment has been in the improvement of the increase, the catalog shows the image and data for reference only, the order should be negotiated between the two technical parameters shall prevail. It is subject to change without prior notice.

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