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GT-5006 GT-8010 drum polymer (solid) capacitor aging sorting machine
    Publish time 2019-07-23 17:49    

一, The equipment profile

GT series of drum polymer aging machine - is our company for the lead polymer (solid) capacitance developed by a aging test equipment; the equipment used by our company's latest research and development of the fifth generation of mechanical feed, to ensure that the machine Taiwan's feed rate and equipment stability, simple and easy to understand the Chinese user interface, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste and labor costs.
1, the aging temperature: in the room temperature to 125 ℃ within the free set;
2, the device weight about 2500KG;
3, equipment size (area): 3600mm (L) × 3100mm (W) × 2200mm (H);
4, the total power of about 10KW equipment, the normal production of the average operating power ≤ 6KW;

, The scope of adaptation:

Equipment model

Product shell number

Aluminum height

Production voltage

The number of racks

Number of clamps

Number of products carried

Thickness of partition

Aging power supply






50 only

8000 only

2.0 mm

8 segment




40 only

6400 only

3.0 mm

Note: to do more than 80V products need to be specified.

Instrumentation indicators

1, the capacity test range: 0.01μF ~ 10000μF; test accuracy: ± 1%;
2, the loss angle: 0.001-0.999, the test accuracy: ± 1.0% ± 1 word;
3, the capacity test frequency: 120Hz, 1KHz can be set alone;
4, leakage current test range: 0.005μA-9999μA, test accuracy: ± 1% ± 0.2μA, two leakage test;
5, ESR test range: 0.01mΩ-999kΩ, test accuracy of ± 1.0%, ESR test frequency: 1K / 10K / 20K / 100K Hz can be set alone.

, the working principle:
1, the product guide needle shaping and do polarity detection, open circuit, short circuit and reverse polarity detection; exclude open circuit, bending feet, short circuit and reverse pole products;
2, the product into the oven for high temperature by the linear power supply charging aging;
3, the product after the discharge cooling, the aging product is not detected, will exclude the aging products;
4, the product recharging about 40 seconds after the leakage current test;
    5, the product after discharge capacity and loss of the angle test;
6, the product after the discharge by the "ESR" test;
7, the test results are: high impedance, high capacity, low pressure, loss, leakage, good products, re-seized goods;
8, the machine using standard instrumentation test, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the parameters;
9, equipment with data acquisition function;
10, remote access to the relevant parameters of the machine, with the company "ERP" system docking;
11, the machine conveyor clip with the latest generation of products, can effectively guarantee the service life.

, The equipment performance:


GT-5006 (Ф5-6)

GT-8010 (Ф8-10)

Stalls out of the material
Time (minutes)

high speed

Medium speed

Low speed

high speed

Medium speed

Low speed

Go in and out every minute
Number (only)







1, the number of incoming and outgoing materials for the "test run" the actual number of minutes per minute, the error within ± 2;
2, the user can according to their own characteristics of the product stalls to select the product to ensure that the aging effect.
3, leakage test power and charging power and not aging Charging power and test power are used to establish an independent way to effectively ensure the accuracy of product testing.

五, the use of environmental conditions:
1, using three-phase five-wire AC380V ± 5% 50Hz / 10KVA power supply;
2, the use of ambient temperature: room temperature;
3, the characteristics of the guarantee range: 23 ± 5 ℃, 45 ~ 75% RH;
4, the need to use pressure ≥ 0.35MPa compressed air.
※ Our equipment has been in the improvement of the increase, the catalog shows the image and data for reference only, the order should be negotiated between the two technical parameters shall prevail. It is subject to change without prior notice.

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