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    Publish time 2019-07-18 17:22    


Plane-type High-speed Die Bonder

Cycle: 50ms

It is compatible with 212130142835 and 5050 etc.


Product Features

1.      International leading double die bond, double adhesive dispense and double die searching system;

2.      Linear motor is applied to drive bond head;

3.      Linear motor will drive the die to search corresponding platform(X/Y) and corresponding loading platform (B/C);

4.      Programmed control constant-temperature adhesive dispensing system is also applied;

5.      Vacuum die missing testing technology is adopted;

6.      Stacking holders for loading (free-loading magazine) is applied to improve the production efficiency largely;

7.      IPC will control the operation of equipment, simplifying the operation of automation equipment;

8.      Sophisticated equipment will help improve your enterprise’s production efficiency and reduce relevant costs so as to provide effective guarantee and enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness;

9.      Precise die bond location and excellent compatibility will guarantee the back-end processing.


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